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The Sibillini Mountains Park

The Park was formed in 1993 and is considered one of Italy’s wildest and most
beautiful parks. It is home to many rare flowers and orchids and in the spring
and early summer the flat mountain basin of the Piano Grande is a tapestry of
colour when they all burst into bloom.
The park has many important and unusual geological features including
pre-historic glacial lakes and sinkholes.
With its natural habitat and protection it has become a haven for wildlife, with Golden Eagles
and wolves both present in the park. Wild boar is still hunted (under license) in the park and
features in many of the local culinary dishes.
The town of Norcia near the centre of the park is famous for its master butchers who produce
superb salami and cured meats. The area also supplies highly prized truffles and Castelluccio,
on the Piano Grande, produces the finest lentils in Italy.
The park has a history of myths and legends, infact taking its name from the ancient and powerful siren called ‘Sybil’. According to legend, the Lago di Pilato (Pilates Lake) on the side of Monte Vettore is believed to be the place where the body of Pontius Pilate (the man who sentenced Christ to his death by crucifixion) was dumped after being dragged from Rome.
The area has an important religious and cultural history. Norcia is the birthplace of St.Benedict; the founder of the Benedictine order of monks, and Preci was home to the medieval surgeons who practised in the surgery school there around the 14th and 15th centuries. These surgeons were renowned across Europe for their pioneering eye cataract and gall stone removal operations even travelling to Britain to operate on Queen Elizabeth 1st of England.
The park remains a special, and in many ways a unique place, due to its beautiful unspoilt scenery and landscapes shaped by the traditional ways of life through the ages.

Sports and activities available in the park are: Paragliding, River rafting, Free climbing, Horse riding, Mule trekking, Fishing, Caving/potholing, Mountain biking

A calm yet stimulating experience – enjoy!

Activities in the park organised by Il Collaccio:

Cooking lessons with Ida Baldoni


Un Pranzo italiano. What an Italian Mamma would prepare her son in law on a Sunday lunch!

Every Wednesday from 9,30 to 12,30 (July & August). Other dates on request (minimum 6 pepole).

Price: € 30,00 for the students, € 15,00 for any relative who joins the lunch. Children 0/5 gratis. 6/12 € 7,50

Cooking lessons with Ida Baldoni

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