Il Collaccio – Agricoltura e Ospitalità

Il Collaccio – Agricoltura e Ospitalità

Eat&drink here

Eat&drink here

“Al Porcello Felice” Restaurant

Il Collaccio’s restaurant is called “Al Porcello Felice” (The Happy Piglet), and here you will be happy too. You can eat and drink well at fair prices, and if you have never tried the Umbrian cuisine specialties, there is no time to waste. Come for dinner and stay for your wedding banquet, if you feel like it (worst case scenario: you’re already in the right place to cheer you up).

Our Special dishes


– Marinated salmon trout salad with fresh onion.
– Antipasto of local prosciutto, ciauscolo, salami and pecorino.
– Vegetarian antipasto with a parmesan basket.

Pasta dishes

– Tagliatelle with truffle sauce.
– Strozzapreti with saffron from Cascia, cured belly and goat chess.
– Lentils soup.

Main dishes

– Veal parcel filled with mushrooms and aubergines, in truffle sauce.
– Roasted local trout.
– Slow cooked pork shank with Marsala wine.

Side Dishes

– Collaccio’s spelt salad with tomato, rucola and parmesan.
– Spicy beans from Il Collaccio farm.

Specialties from Valnerina

Enjoy here or take home

Cured meats

Cured meats from the formidable Norcian tradition.


At the table with the sheeps from the Sibillini Mountains National Park.


Spectacular both in blooming and in cooking.


For freshwater

Black truffle

A treasure from Il Collaccio woods.


The red gold of the yellow risotto.


You’ll want to bring it home with you. Luckily, at Il Collaccio you can.

Benvenuti al Collaccio!

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Ristorante Al Porcello Felice

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Welcome to Il Collaccio!

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Al Porcello Felice Restaurant

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